Ways Internet Marketing Can Improve Your Business

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And what the specific issues are with how you’re being perceived and why you’re not ranking well in the map listings so you can go into that line meeting with a lot of confidence and be able to say exactly what you can do now again I want to rain back in to how.

That live meeting should go so you scheduled your initial assessment you’ve done your due diligence and now you’re going into that live meeting with the client I want to remind you that the first thing to dos to build rapport and ask questions don’t drive right into your assessment findings don’t dive right into your here’s what we’re going to do and here’s why it’s great you still have to spend the time and ask questions and get to know the customer get to know what their goals are from there you’re going to review.

your findings with them here’s what we found as we reviewed your website here’s where the shoes are and then present your solution here’s what we’re going to do and then ask for the business so let’s going to drill down on these four steps of the live sales meeting process the first again is to build rapport and ask questions and so what I like to ask is you start just talking with them little bit hey you know beautiful.

Office find something that is natural for you in natural conversation but then you know just ask something brought tell mes little bit about your background in the business let them start to walkabout who they are what their company is all about how long they’ve been in business whatever information they want to share I.

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