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One Go Seo

very steady flow of leads coming through with heaven without having to worry about you know referrals or paid advertisement or all that good so which is great you know google ad words you know they would show up right here at the top you know there’s one at the bottom right there you know twenty percent of consumers actually click on that so that’s a good opportunity.

For you guys to invest in you know and and there’s usually a minimum my clients experience a minimum four hundred percent return of investment so I don’t know if you guys have any PPC managers over there but we definitely do that over here so let me just jump into this how do we get you guys there how do we dominate the market alright so Google has an algorithm and has determining.

Factors I’m not going to talk about all of them I’m going to talk to you about for the very most important ones once we nail these everything else kind of falls into place okay and we can go into more detail about the algorithm but I just want to talk to you about these four all right so the very first you guys may already know sixty to eighty percent of consumers.

when they need a product of service they’re going to use their iPhone or android or mobile device so you got to look great on the phone but in google takes it very seriously just had a new update and algorithm that really penalized companies that didn’t have a mobile friendly design you know and I’m sure that’s something you guys know and take serious being in the web design industry so you guys are mobile-friendly what with your website so i just wanted to show that it.

is very serious and I did something dad to Google definitely looks at I just want to throw that in here the next thing I want to talk to you about all right is authoritative content so when we go to your home page when Google goes to your home page when someone’s searching for a web design company Google wants to know that you’re educating the prospect okay do you have.


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